How To Clean Chrome Bathroom Fixtures

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Chrome is a commonly used material in bathroom equipment and fixtures such as taps, showers, handles, and much more. Since it’s the main additive to stainless steel, it adds a significant amount of anti-corrosive properties.

Though it prevents the bathroom fittings from being attacked by rust, it can yet be silly not to clean the chrome finishings in your bathroom from time to time. The beauty and professional touch applied through its classy lustrous finish can quickly lose its charm if not maintained.

Chrome fixtures, a product of chromium electroplating, exhibit a sleek, mirror-like finish with a popular contemporary, high-shine look. Irrespective of this durability, the shine can wear off. Even worse, oil stains, swirl marks, and minor scratches can develop. Chrome tends to reveal water spots and fingerprints with startling clarity, so what is the best way to clean it?

Basics on how to clean chrome bathroom fixtures

First and foremost, don’t use any cleaning rag or sponge lying around in your bathroom. Instead, use only microfiber cloth because of its ability to attract dust particles. You can easily acquire a packet of microfibre cloth at any home supplier.

Secondly, the difficulty in cleaning your bathroom’s chrome fittings will vary based on how frequently you wash it. While the smooth surface of this material makes it super easy to wipe off loose dirt particles, the more resilient and hardy patches will require a bit extra effort. These patches could develop because of toothpaste stains, make-up equipment, and much more.

Use an old toothbrush or dirt-cleaning brush to get rid of these stubborn marks. Even better, if you have an electric toothbrush that you don’t use lying around, it will smoothly eliminate the markings.

Thirdly, don’t wait for the chrome layer to start looking shabby. Go ahead and clean it the moment you observe any discrepancy in its smooth texture. Head to your local general store and purchase a chrome cleaning cream, chrome cleaning spray, or soap for added convenience. A tiny amount of these cleaners is sufficient, provided you let them soak for a minute or two.

Caution: Avoid leaving the cleaner on the chrome for too long. That could weaken the chrome finish and develop into a lacklustre glow.

After this, wipe off the leftover stains, and you’ll have a shining chrome fitting. It’s also wise to use two different microfibre cloths, one for cleaning initially and the second for polishing purposes.

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Alternative Cleaning Products For Chrome Bathroom Fixtures

The following cleaning products are a definite way to get rid of stains on your bathroom’s chrome fittings:

Baby Oil: However vague baby oil may seem for a chrome cleaning product, it comes in handy when you have no solution and guests on the way. If wiped away properly, it will leave a glazed finishing.

Don’t forget to wipe the baby oil off completely. If you don’t, be prepared to deal with oily hands each time you use the washbasin.

Baby Wipes: The best part of baby wipes is that it comes pre-soaked in cleaning solution thus making it a ready-to-clean option. No doubt baby wipes are made for children and skin-conscious people, at the same time it does a fantastic job when cleaning untidy metals.

Not only is this cleaning product cost-effective, but it also makes for an exceptional emergency chrome solution in case your family or friends are dropping in for a surprise visit.

Lemon and Baking Soda: Since lemon juice comes on the acidic spectrum of the pH scale, it automatically falls under the category of “home cleaning products.” If the stains have a solid endurance to lime juice, create a lime mixture and baking soda.

Make sure to mix the two thoroughly, and you’ll end up with a robust solution that will rinse the chrome finishing of every last tinge of dirt.

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Nail Polish Remover: Once again, this is an emergency solution. However, you don’t want to get accustomed to using nail polish remover as a chrome cleaning paste since it’ll become a costly alternative.

Sugary Drinks: We’re all aware of what harm soft drinks can do to our oral health. On the bright side, this same disadvantage of soft drinks proves to transform into an advantage when cleaning stains on chrome fittings.

Beware! Don’t use a lot of liquid. A small quantity is enough to apply a mildly acidic solution and get rid of the stains.

If you opt for sugary drinks as a bathroom cleaner, make sure to wipe off the remains with a microfiber cloth. The last thing you want is a clean-looking chrome surface that makes your handy sticky the moment you touch it.

Vinegar: This liquid comes as no surprise when it comes to wiping glass or metallic surfaces. All credits to its acidic levels!

One suitable variant is white vinegar since it’s both affordable and highly effective. Keep in mind that to eradicate the vinegar smell from the washroom, leave the extractor fan on for 10 to 20 minutes.

Bonus Tip: A mixture of salt plus water or salt plus vinegar enhances the cleansing abilities of most of these bathroom chrome cleaning products.

Points To Remember When Cleaning Chrome Bathroom Fittings

Since chrome is a comparatively softer metal, you must never use an abrasive cleaner, scrubber, or stiff brush.

Additionally, for best results, purchase a tube of Autosol Polish for chrome and leave it in the drawer or space under your sink. This relieves you of the stress of looking for last-minute solutions and leaving your bathroom with a semi-clean touchpoint.


Whether you’re particular about washroom cleanliness or you’re a complete hygiene freak, never skip the task of cleaning your chrome fittings. It won’t just leave you satisfied but will also set a lasting impression on visitors. Don’t forget to go around your bathroom, kitchen, laundry and toilet – chrome toilet roll holders are often overlooked for a polish!

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All in all, would you prefer to spot ugly-looking fingerprint smudges on your chrome fittings or a spotless reflection of your surroundings? Got any tips on how to clean chrome bathroom fixtures? Let us know in the comments!

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