How To Change Bath Taps?

how to change bath taps

Putting in new bath taps is a simple but great way to change the look of your bathroom. For anyone with some basic tools and basic DIY skills, it is not a complicated process, and where we take you through a step-by-step guide on how to replace bath taps.

Step One – Be prepared!

If you intend to replace bath taps with a shower mixer, or you are just changing old taps to new ones, you need to first prepare by getting everything you need and getting the space ready for the change.

  • First of all, you need to take off the bath panel ready for when you are fitting the new taps. If you have acrylic panels they just clip on so are easy to remove. If not there are going to be magnetic catches to release or screws to remove to get the panel out. You may also need to make room so you can reach under the bath to where the taps go.
  • Have the right tools such as an adjustable tap wrench or universal tap tool, a steel wool wire brush, penetrating oil, box spanner, some boiling water and the new taps.
  • Use the spanner to move supply pipes out of the way if needed.
  • Clean the tap tails with the wire brush if they are covered in grime or corroded. Put on some penetrating oil and leave to work its way in.
  • You may need a piece of wood to stop the taps from turning as you loosen the nuts.
  • Have some boiling water to pour over the tap base to soften the sealant.

Step Two – Drain the water

Find and isolate the bath tap supplies and open the taps to allow any water left there to drain away. Often you can find the stopcock behind the bath panel. This step on how to replace bath taps is important.

Step Three – Take the tap connectors and undo them

With your adjustable wrench find the tap connectors and undo them.

Step Four – Take off the old tap

When looking at how to change bath taps from above where the taps are, make sure the tap is supported so that as you turn to loosen the nuts the tap does not turn with you.

Step Five – Put the hot water tap in position

Turn off the water at the mains to avoid accidental messes and it is something you should do whenever you work on the plumbing, including how to remove bath taps. Starting with the hot water tap which as you look at it should be on the left, unscrew the nut from below and remove the old tap then put the new hot tap in. As you place the tap in the hole make sure it’s at 90 degrees from the bath rim.

Step Six – Put the nut back on and tighten

Now you need to take the nut and reach under the tap hole screw it back on first by hand and then when the tap is positioned correctly, then using a tap spanner. Tighten so that it is tight but not too tight, and does not damage the bath.

Step Seven – Repeat step five and six for the cold tap

All those steps you did for five and six and the hot water tap you now need to repeat for the cold water tap.

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Step Eight – Make sure they do not leak

When you have everything tightened and in and re-connect everything you can turn on the water at the mains again. Turn on both taps and have a look for leaks. If there are leaks then turn it off again and go back and check the connections and perhaps tighten it again. Then go back and check until you have no more leaks!

How to install bath taps – conclusion

The above steps were for bath pillar taps which have cold taps and hot taps that are separate. It is a way to change bath taps without removing bathtubs apart from just the panel. While DIY is great for some people, do keep in mind that it does make any warranty invalidated unless you happen to be a licensed plumber yourself. To reduce the risk of damage, to make sure it is all done well and to retain warranties it is best to look for and hore expert, licensed, professional plumbers.

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