What Are The Different Types Of Taps?

types of taps for kitchen and bathroom

If you are looking to change the taps in your bathrooms and kitchen for any reason, from damage to wanting to make the rooms look a bit smarter, you need to prepare for the fact that there is a lot more to tap shopping than you might have thought! There are different types of bathroom taps and different features might suit you better than others.

Some things to think about when you are looking at new taps

There is more to taps than just what they look like. There are different types of mixer taps as well as other kinds. Here are a few tips to consider;

  • As mentioned the look is not the only thing. While you want it to look good of course, it needs to last and have the features you want from it.
  • As well as looking at the price consider the different options.
  • You need to choose the right height and the reach of the tap to fit your sink.
  • The types of kitchen taps you go for depends on how many holes in the sink there are.
  • Think about the kind of finish you want on the tap, ceramic, chrome, matt and so on. Each one requires different cleaning methods so consider that as well as how it looks.
  • Some taps come with pressure considerations so you need to know your water pressure.

Types of taps

From different types of tap handles to different finishes and styles as well as different features there is a lot to consider. Below are some of the main tap types but if you are unsure always consider consulting with your plumber about options and fitting.

Wall-mounted – These are taps that are mounted to the wall that then hang over the bath or sink. The wall-mounted tap is easy to clean but repairs cost more and are harder because the plumbing is inside the walls.

Pillar – This is a very common tap type in this country and they mount on the sink or bath and there is a separate hot tap and cold tap. There is usually a lever or handle to turn it on or off and they come in a range of styles with different types of tap handles.

Disk – There are ceramic disks with small holes inside the tap and this controls how much water comes out. The problem with these types of kitchen taps is that the holes can get dirty easily and that can mean it needs repairing or cleaning more often than other types.

Mixer – A mixer tap is a traditional style where two pillar taps combine and there is one spout out of which the hot and cold come out. Types of mixer taps vary but they are popular because they allow better water control, better temperature control and are easy to turn on and off when your hands are messy! There are also mixer taps for kitchens and bathrooms so be keen when choosing the mixer tap you need.

Ball – Ball taps are easy to control with a ball sitting inside the tap that lets you move from hot to cold and back again very easily. You also get good control of the amount of water you want to use. But they are more prone to leaking than some other types.

Monobloc – With a single spout for cold and hot water, Monobloc taps have an adjustable lever to choose temperature with a shift to the left or right. It is a modern-looking tap for modern-looking kitchens and bathrooms.

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Washer – Also known as compression washer taps these use a pillar tap but with a handle that you twist to operate. There is a washer inside the tap that dictates how much water comes out. These taps can leak as the washer gets worn although fixing a leaking tap is an easy task.


There are lots of types of bathroom taps to consider, or kitchen taps, so before you just go out and get the same one you had before, take a look at your options. Just changing the taps in a room can lift it, make it look more modern, give it a little bit of a facelift, without having to re-do a full bathroom renovation. Some taps are easier to take out and put in than others and you do need some DIY experience and basic tools. If you are unsure just have a professional plumber come do it, it saves unnecessary stress, damage and cost in the long term, if you do not know what to do.

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