Remodelling A Small Bathroom Quickly And Efficiently

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A small bathroom is most often one-fourth the size of a master bedroom. Also, if you predict the small bathroom to be half the size of a regular one, you’ll wrongly assume the price to be half as well.

Be warned! The costs could even rise to be as much as the regular bathroom. Remodelling your small bathroom will come with fixture upgrades, new tiling, and many additional factors you are hellbent on.

Moreover, it depends on whether you’re remodelling the guest bathroom, powder room, and primary bathroom and whether it’s for you, visitors, your children, house workers, or the elderly.

To avoid trapping yourself in the expensive affair of bathroom designers and remodelling contractors, we’ll be dropping in suggestions to remodel your small bathroom quickly and efficiently.

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9 Aesthetic Tips For Remodelling A Small Bathroom

Each of these bathroom renovation tips will make a part of your small bathroom multi-purpose and will save up on space, money, time, and effort.

1. Place large patterns

The bigger the shapes and patterns in your bathroom design, the more spacious the bathroom will be. Irrespective of how small your bathroom is, attempt to strategically place large patterns at common viewpoints in the bathroom.

2. Extend the counter

Extend the counter of the bathroom vanity over and behind the head of the toilet seat. This offers added storage space for bathroom essentials, putting up a positive affirmation photo frame, and so much more.

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3. Curtains over doors

Skip the hassle of installing hinged shower doors inside your small bathroom. Instead, use a shower curtain or a glass shower door that slides. You’ll not only save precious bathroom space by killing the clutter, but you’ll also prevent installing costly shower doors.

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4. Corner sinks

There is a misconception that pedestal sinks are the most space-conscious bathroom sink solutions. Instead, consider installing a corner sink unattached to a ground support structure or a vanity. It could simply be attached directly to the wall as a standalone piece of bathroom equipment.

5. Round-cornered vanity

If you’re hesitant about housing a vanity in your small bathroom, the least you can do is take measures to ensure it doesn’t eat up too much space. This can be done by altering the protruding corners of the vanity. Either take up a DIY project yourself or hire a carpenter to mould the edges into curved corners.

6. Open-door vanity

Again, if you can’t skip the temptation of involving your old-school vanity in your small bathroom remodelling project, then rebuild it such that it doesn’t chew up much space. This can be done by eliminating the drawer doors, be it sliding or pivoted. Now each time you swing open a drawer, you won’t be left feeling cramped up!

7. Trough sink

Trough sinks bring two advantages to your small bathroom, one of elegance and the other of simplicity. Even better, its height positioning leaves you with empty floor space for storing your basket wardrobe.

8. Door-mounted towel bar

Rather than installing a towel bar inside the shower room or opposite the toilet in the more open space of your small bathroom, install it behind your entry door.

9. Position a mirror above the vanity

Positioning a mirror anywhere else would undoubtedly give your small bathroom a cluttery vibe. Chances are, you may not even be able to watch your reflection through the mirror comfortably.

Overview Of The Small Bathroom Remodelling Process

Follow these in a step-by-step fashion, and you’ll have a broader perspective on the process of remodelling your small bathroom.

  • Planning: Save up on funds by first creating a remodelling layout on paper or software. Also, enquire about any permits, carpentry rates, and materials you may need while rebuilding your bathroom. Last-minute purchases and running around can burn a significantly deeper hole through your budget.
  • Demolition: The intensity of this demolition phase depends on the depth of your remodelling goals. It could range merely from fixtures and basic equipment to tiles and the entire shower section. Ideally, perform the demolition task yourself for a cost-effective outcome.
  • Framing rough-in: Whether you need an entirely new shower stall or need to fit a trough sink, conduct a framing rough-in and double-check you’re on the right path before you begin drilling holes and attaching new materials.
  • Plumbing rough-in: This is the trickiest part of small bathroom remodelling projects. It’s best to hire a professional plumber for all your plumbing roadblocks.
  • Electrical rough-in: You may need to set up new electrical circuits and dismantle existing ones for fresh lighting fixtures, extractor fans, heating systems, and so much more. Moreover, you’ll need electrical assistance once again, even after the final installation phase is complete. This is a great time to convert to LED lighting if you haven’t already.
  • Drywall installation: 90% of such small bathroom remodelling projects come with the tearing apart of ceilings and walls. However, only after you’re confident that the framing, plumbing, and electrical check-ups have been confirmed.
  • Tile and flooring: You can hire a tiling labourer to install fresh tiles based on your budget and bathroom size. Keep in mind, ceramic tiling is the costliest tiling choice because of its premium look. However, if you have experience installing tiles and readying flooring, you save a hefty penny on this phase.
  • Fixtures: These could be showers, taps, bathroom vanities, and any additional electrical and plumbing connections.

It is advised to take the help of professionals at some stage of your bathroom remodelling process. The entire process can be an arduous task for any amateur DIYer.

Most importantly, first account for whether you’re drifting towards the goal of cost-effectiveness or a classy, efficient small bathroom. Either of the two comes with sacrifices that will slightly alter the end product of your efforts.

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Don’t limit yourself to these aesthetic suggestions. Feel free to let your inner creative beast run wild and experiment with bathroom plants, vines, intricate lighting fixtures, and a multi-purpose shower section. A small bathroom may seem like a minimalistic option, but remember, you can do wonders with smaller spaces.

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